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Organisational Health Monitoring

Monitoring Tools

Organisations will often rely on a set and forget approach to organisational culture only to discover difficult problems too late. Most organisational measures focus on tangible results and or rely on lag data. Virtuity Consulting Group strongly advise the benefits of monitoring organisational health to collect objective lead data on the intangible dynamics of the organisational system.

Dissatisfaction and dysfunction always exist in the intangible realm before they are apparent in the known physical components of organisations. Monitoring organisational health in this way should be considered an early warning system or an insurance measure to identify and address potential issues before they become large and complex; cost significant time and money; and cause reputational damage.

Conducting the Virtuity DOAM Diagnostic on a repeat basis is an easy, effective and financially astute way of keeping a finger on the pulse of organisational health. We provide a dashboard that reports trend lines of health and quickly identifies negative movements. This vital data greatly assists Boards and Executives to move from reactive spot fire management to confident and proactive culture defining leadership.

Rob and Tim have done a brilliant job supporting our leadership team through a generational leadership transition. It’s been a significant change with high stakes. The Virtuity team have provided vital diagnostic insights, excellent leadership development, and transformational coaching support for our next generation leadership group. They have clearly been set up to succeed and the future looks very bright indeed. - Robert Evans, Executive Director

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