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Leadership & Organisational Development

Virtuity Consulting Group provide and deliver a range of strategic tools and programs to develop your organisation

Organisations often commit to the development of their people before underlying issues have been accurately diagnosed. Such an approach can be like putting a band-aid on a heart attack. Accurately diagnosing organisational challenges will enable strategic investment in tailored training; to address root issues and align progress toward organisational priorities.

  • Address real issues
  • Increase leadership capability
  • Lift energy and sharpen strategic focus
  • Enable new growth and greater success
  • Facilitate improved organisational effectiveness

The Virtuity Consulting Group leadership training and coaching is simply the best professional development I have ever received. Rob and Tim are brilliant and a delight to work with.
- Jans Koerts, State Sales Director and Professional Cyclist

Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument


Virtuity Consulting Group are accredited to deliver assessment and training in HBDI. Based on the discoveries of neuroscience through active EEG, PET and MRI brain scanning, the HBDI assessment provides deep insights into the way you prefer to think, learn, communicate and make decisions.

HBDI measures the strength of your preferences in relation to four dominant thinking patterns. A clear graphical representation lets you see your preferential thinking patterns, and the preferential patterns of your team.

The HBDI assessment is a dynamic tool that has enabled thousands of teams to discover deep lessons about themselves and each other resulting in greater trust, faster and better decision making, and improved team performance.

Motivations Assessment

In the past two decades enormous cultural and technological forces have radically changed the shape and the expectations of the 21st century workforce. Traditional management systems are simply not keeping up because the motivational drivers of modern workers have shifted radically. Our technically advanced world has empowered workers with flexible options and opportunities to engage in the work they want; whenever, where ever, and with whoever they want.

Building a high performing team in this climate demands leaders understand the motivational drivers of their people. When they do, they will be empowered to design a culture that will satisfy new expectations about work, and still enable their organisations to thrive.

The Virtuity Motivations Assessment provides unique insights about workers’ motivations gauging 12 drivers across three domains. The result of the assessment is a set of paired reports (one for the worker and one for their talent manager) to provide objective insight into the workers’ unique shape; and to enable a constructive conversation around development opportunities for the worker and the organisation.

The Virtuity Motivations Assessment is a powerful way to promote partnership in talent and organisational development; and to ensure organisations are bringing out the very best in their people.

Leadership Development programs

Virtuity Consulting Group have developed a range of leadership development programs to suit various development needs. Our programs are tailored to your unique organisational context to ensure relevance and the application of leadership skills in contextually appropriate ways.

While our programs can be run as an intensive, the ideal approach is over a longer-term engagement (6 months) with monthly one-on-one coaching support for each participant to aid reflective engagement and practice.

Leadership Level 1

This course aims to provide foundational leadership theory and practical application for middle managers or those new to senior management roles. Issues explored and addressed include:

  • Understanding the organisational context and levels of work
  • Defining leadership and understanding leadership work as energy management
  • Training in essential leadership tools such as effective delegation, managing difficult people and conversations, developing a leadership point of view and developing coaching skills

Leadership Level 2

This course provides a deeper personal transformation focus to leadership practice. It is targeted to executive leaders and encourages them to reflect deeply and analyse their leadership habits and biases. A range of leadership theories and skills are developed to ensure executive leaders have a robust leadership tool kit to draw on for diverse uncertain and complex organisational situations. Issues explored and addressed include:

  • Diagnosing complex organisational issues
  • Developing collaboration skills to engage staff in understanding and addressing complex issues
  • Understanding personal leadership styles and the need to flex from one style to another
  • Understanding the hidden interior dynamics of organisational systems – and mapping your own
  • Creating positive organisational culture by design

The Virtuity Leadership Development programs are, in a word… transformational! Rob and Tim are fantastic facilitators and incredibly supportive coaches. Their partnership in our business has helped me survive and now thrive. I cannot thank them or recommend them enough for the positive outcomes they’ve achieved in our business and in my life. - Melody D. Senior Manager

Executive and Organisational Coaching

Executive coaching is built into the leadership development programs and is consistently rated of very high value to leadership development participants. Coaching support provides an enabling resource for reflective processing and confident, decisive leadership action. Leaders routinely credit coaching for significant strides forward in their own personal development and leadership effectiveness.

Executive coaching can be provided on an ongoing basis, or as a stand-alone offering.

Intensive Organisational Facilitations

Virtuity Consulting Group can run full-day and multi-day Organisational Development programs to suit your needs. We have extensive experience developing and running intensive bespoke programs to address a variety of organisational development needs including:

  • Culture Analysis and Values Development training
  • Communication Skills training
  • Innovation thinking and practice
  • Strategy development
  • Change management

We consult deeply and relationally to ensure we understand your organisational context and develop programs designed to meet your specific needs.

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