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Diagnostic Tools and Assessments

DOAM Diagnostic

The Dynamic Organisational Alignment Model (DOAM) Diagnostic was created by Virtuity Consulting Group to reveal and measure the critical hidden drivers of organisational health and dysfunction. It provides a fast report on the state of your organisation’s health.

The DOAM Diagnostic delivers insightful and rapid measures of the cultural attitudes and organisational forces that support or hinder real work; enabling leaders to quickly diagnose and address root issues impeding organisational effectiveness.

When deployed on a repeat basis, the DOAM Diagnostic becomes an excellent organisational health monitoring tool to provide ongoing real time insight for fast moving organisations. Benchmarks are established and shifting trends are immediately identifiable enabling leaders to act decisively on insightful lead-data, rather than waiting too long for lag-indicators from traditional metrics.

DOAM Diagnostic Measures

  • Alignment of direction, goals, effort and energy across the organisational system
  • Confidence levels in leadership communication processes and decision making across the organisation
  • Alignment to organisational values
  • Hidden motivators and demotivators of the workforce that enable or impede optimal engagement
  • Trust and ethics quotients to assess the essential interpersonal underpinnings for cooperative work
  • Comparison of your organisation against industry benchmarks
  • All measures are statistically validated and objective

DOAM Diagnostic Implementation

  • Quickly and easily deployed
  • Bespoke to your organisation
  • Deep Insights report returned within 3 weeks of running the diagnostic tool
  • Follow up leadership communications to staff proposed and developed for you
  • Implementation, analysis, reporting and communications all supported fully by Virtuity Consulting Group
  • Valuable insights and learning for all levels of the organisation

DOAM 360° Assessment

Virtuity Consulting Group creates bespoke 360° assessment tools mapped to your organisational capability measures. We include specific assessment criteria mapped to our proprietary Dynamic Organisation Alignment Model – DOAM to assess for potential conflicts with critical organisational health drivers. The resultant DOAM 360° Assessment Report provides extensive insights into the development needs of leaders and managers with contextual consideration of the critical organisational dynamics within which they operate.

The DOAM 360° Assessment process culminates in an extensive debrief with a professional executive coach and the creation of an individualised plan focused on strategic personal and professional development.

Thanks for your professionalism and care. Our senior managers felt completely supported throughout the administration of the 360° assessment process. The coaching debriefs were extremely helpful and empowering. Our managers are now looking forward to engaging in the individual development plans you have created for them. We are very pleased and highly recommend the Virtuity Consulting Group assessment tool and approach.
- Wayne Richards, General Manager, Quality, Safety and Environment, Transdev Australasia

Psychometric Testing

In order to facilitate the appointment or development of the best talent for critical roles, whether it be an external search, or promoting from within, Virtuity Consulting Group provide a range of psychometric testing services to ensure candidates are judiciously assessed and deeply known.

Finding the right fit is a make or break decision in organisational leadership. Our range of tests will provide clear insights and the ability to make appointments with confidence.

The assessments we offer include:

  • Inductive reasoning
  • Verbal reasoning
  • Numerical reasoning
  • Critical Thinking
  • Perceptions
  • Psychological Profile – short assessment or complete profile

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