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Consulting Services

Virtuity Consulting Group provides a full suite of tools and services to address leadership and organisational development needs.

We’ve developed a range of focused tools and services to support three critical leadership responsibilities:

  1. Accurate diagnosis of organisational difficulties
  2. Strategic development of people, leadership and organisational capability
  3. Constant monitoring of organisational health

We specialise in diagnosing and addressing complex, intangible and hidden issues within leadership decision making and communication systems; and within the people and culture dynamics of organisations.

Our goal is to provide executive leaders with the sharp and objective insights they need to lead with clarity, strategic purpose and confidence; in order to build thriving organisations.

Please explore our range of tools and services. We look forward to helping your organisation take the next steps of growth from good to great.

As a HR professional supporting a number of different companies, I am thrilled to have engaged Virtuity Consulting Group on a repeat basis. Rob and Tim are two of the sharpest guys I have ever worked with. They have brilliant insights into the complex dynamics of organisations and always add value as they develop leaders and improve organisational performance. I cannot recommend them highly enough.
- Marianne S, HR Consultant and Managing Director

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